Acceptable Use Policy

The Huron Intermediate School District provides students with access to the HISD electronic communication system, which includes Internet, for educational purposes only.  Students use will include classroom activities, career development, and limited self-discovery activities as assigned by the program instructors.
There is a wide range of material on the Internet, some of which may not be fitting with values of the families of our students.  It is not possible for the District to monitor an enforce a wide range of social values in student use of the Internet.  A complete copy of the district's acceptable use policy is available in the Main Office for parents who have additional questions.
In using technology, students should be aware of the following parameters:

1.  The use of any and all technology is for educational purposes only, as assigned by the program instructor.

2.  Students will not plagiarize or infringe on copyright of work found on the internet or the District's system.  Plagiarism is the taking of ideas or writings of others and presenting them as if they were original to the user.

3.  Students will not use the District system to access material that is profane or obscene (pornography) that advocates illegal acts, or that advocates violence, discrimination (hate literature), or that advocates harassment, discrimination or disruption to the educational process.  Accidental access to these sites/information must be reported to the program instructor immediately.
4.  Students shall not, for any reason, access personal email accounts originating elsewhere or the District's email system without permission of the program instructor.

5.  If electronic communication becomes necessary students will use appropriate language at all times.
6.  Access to "chat-rooms" is prohibited.

7.  Students will not download or install software without prior authorization from the program instructor.

8.  Students will not make configuration changes to the system software or take actions that block the use of a system by others.
9.  Where applicable, students are responsible for the use of their individual account and should take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from using their account.  Do not share passwords!!

10.  Students should inform their instructor if they detect an inappropriate use of any technology or equipment.
11.  Students may not utilize copying/printing equipment for personal purposes without permission of the program instructor.

12.  Students should be aware that all technology, networks, software licenses are the property of the Huron Intermediate School District, and that routine maintenance and monitoring of the system may lead to the discovery that  a student has or is violating the district acceptable use policy.  An individual search will be conducted if reasonable suspicion exists that the student has violated the law or the student code of conduct.  Students should be aware that their personal files are discoverable under the State of Michigan's Freedom of Information Act and HISD Board Policy.