Administrative Services

Programs and services at the Intermediate School District are designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of local school district operations.  By consolidating and coordinating activities, customers can receive improved services at a lower cost.

Examples of administrative/support services provided by the Huron Intermediate School District include the following:

- Pupil accounting--audits, consultation on student attendance issues
- Student records/student scheduling--assistance in the development and management of student databases
- Payroll--centralized payroll and related services
- Finance services--data processing management and support

-Consultation services--leadership and support in services such as:      
1. Professional negotiations--data collection and analysis, information sharing                
2. Finance and accounting--investment, cash management, and accounting services
3. Communications
4. Legislation--information sharing, alerts, lobbying, and governmental relations

SuperintendentDr. Nancy Lubeski(989) 269-6406
Financial Operations
Julie Williams-Muz
(989) 269-3472
General Education
Karen Currie
(989) 269-3465
Special Education
Eric Karg
(989) 269-3474
Career Technical Education
Lane Walker
(989) 269-3437


Instructional Services:

Many programs delivered by the Huron Intermediate School District provide direct assistance to local school districts.  Through this delivery, ISDs have direct impact on students, and also impact the quality of curriculum and instruction through professional development offerings.  Instructional services provided by the Huron Intermediate School District.  Descriptions of services provided are under the General Education and Special Education pages of this website.