School of Choice

Schools of Choice programs provide students with additional enrollment opportunities and allow non-resident students to enroll in a district other than their own.  Participation in Schools of Choice programs is optional for districts.  The degree and extent of participation are determined at the local level, including details such as application and enrollment dates, and which building, grades, or programs will be accepting enrollment under a choice program. 

2023-2024 School of Choice - First Semester

Schools of Choice Application Deadlines:

First Semester Openings - The deadline for school districts to accept applications for Schools of Choice openings for the first semester is the end of the first week of school. 
Second Semester Openings - School districts may elect to accept applications for Schools of Choice openings for the second semester during that last two weeks of the first semester.

A Schools of Choice Application must accompany a Student Enrollment Form.  These forms are to be submitted to your choice district.  Interested parties will need to contact the school district directly for detailed information regarding their program.  For additional information, please visit your choice district's website or contact the school district directly.


Michigan Department of Education

Michigan Laws for Schools of Choice Section 105 and Section 105c