Green School Initiative

In May 2006 the State of Michigan passed and signed into law the “Michigan Green School Act.”  This act grants “Michigan Green School” designation to any public or private school in Michigan which meet certain criteria.  This law is known as the Michigan Green School Law (a bill to amend 1994 PA 451, entitled “Natural resources and environmental protection act,” (MCL 324.101 to 324.90106) by adding section 2511.)  This legislation further states that “A COUNTY SHALL DESIGNATE A DEPARTMENT OF THE COUNTY OR THE INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF THE COUNTY TO ACCEPT AND CONSIDER THE APPROVAL OF AN APPLICATION UNDER SUBSECTION (1).”

The Huron ISD and Huron Mathematics and Science Center is serving as the clearinghouse for all schools in Huron County.  The Huron County Commissioners are supporting this program but have opted to have the Huron ISD handle the specific details pertaining to implementation of this bill. 

Visit the official website for Michigan Green Schools. 

Each year, Huron County area schools submit applications in March.  The applications contain criteria for environmental and energy-saving choices.  There are three different levels of achievement to define a school's status: 

Green - 10 points
Emerald - 15
Evergreen - 20
Huron County area schools that participated and received awards last year were:

Bad Axe Elementary School
Bad Axe Jr. High School
Caseville Public Schools
North Huron Schools
Ubly Elementary
Ubly Jr./Sr. High School
Hartland High School has promoted the success of their participation in this program and estimates savings of over $35,000 in energy costs.  I urge you to consider becoming involved in this easy-to-do, worthwhile, and environmentally/economically responsible project and look forward to working with you on becoming an official Michigan Green School. 

You can download a Michigan Green Schools application

Contact Scott Whipple at (989) 269-3481 or e-mail Scott Whipple for any further information.