Health Sciences
The purpose of the Health Sciences program is to provide students, interested in the Health Sciences Career Cluster Pathway, with the knowledge, skills, and experiences typical to the real world health care environment in order to assist them to develop and implement educational plans necessary to enter and excel in the health care field.

The Health Sciences program serves junior and seniors in high school, as well as, interested adults. It is offered both in the morning and afternoon sessions. A student may attend on a time-line ranging from one semester to two complete school years. The program is designed so that open entry and exit are possible; however, it is most advantageous to begin the program at the beginning of the school year. This program is challenging but success is highly achievable!

Being a healthcare provider requires a flexible, multi-skilled workforce, capable of performing as a team player, being adaptable to frequent change and able to transfer skills to new environments.

Program content of study is based on National Health Care Skill Standards (NHCSS) that consist of the knowledge and skills that are generic to most health sciences career clusters. They are listed and discussed later in this document.