Severe Multiple Impairment (SXI)

The SXI program provides services for students generally ranging in age from 6 to 26 years of age. The primary focus is on helping students become as independent and productive as possible. Students learn daily living skills, motor skills, and leisure skills, participate in art, cooking, community, library, assemblies, and receive services from OT & PT. Since many students are non-verbal, alternate methods of communication are used.

- Grades/Credit is not given. Any student attending the Huron Learning Center CI programs for any part of their day will be on track for a Certificate of Completion.

- Students do not follow the general education curriculum; they follow the Huron Learning Center CI/SXI curriculum, which is an extended/alternative curriculum that is aligned with the general education curriculum.

- Students take the MI-Access Assessment, which is based on extended grade level content expectations. Students will take the appropriate Mi-Access Assessment (Functional Independence, Supported Independence, Participation) based on their individual functional ability This is the alternative to the MEAP. Further information about this assessment can be found at  Click on the assessment and accountability tab on the left.