Vex Robotics

The Huron ISD submitted a grant to the Robotics Education and Competition (REC) foundation in the winter of 2016 in collaboration with all school districts in Huron County. The REC foundation awarded the grant in the spring of 2016.  

The goal of the VEX/REC grant was to bring a robotics program to Huron County so that any school wishing to participate would have that opportunity.  The VEX Robotics program is the fastest growing robotics program in North Americ.  VEX is student directed, sustainable, and has a competition component that includes a level playing field (ie. equal opportunity for success) for all competing teams. 

Teachers from various schools participated in a 3-day training in August and are in the beginning phases of forming teams and implementing the VEX robotics kits in their districts.  VEX IQ kits are geared for grades 4 - 8, while VEX EDR kits focuses on grades 7 - 12.  

 Huron ISD will host a VEX regional competition in early December for both VEX IQ and VEX EDR with winners qualifying for the VEX State Competition. 

This is a support resource for educators who are in the process of implementing VEX IQ and/or VEX EDR at their schools district.  The table below has specific information relating to Vex EDR or IQ whereas the following links are applicable to both kits.